Software ModelPro

One of the most complex and demanding tasks when facing 3D dental models are, aside from implant models, removable dies. As far as expecting to obtain an accurate model we’re compelled to avoid any mobility or rotation of the dies, and thus to ensure die proper placement whilst respect contact points with remaining teeth.

IPD have developed the simplest and easy-going system on the market, which will bring IPD users a tool to ensure and guarantee repeatability in 3D additive manufacturing.

By the exclusive use of IPD software, will be able to obtain these removable dies with a full guarantee of success, saving from repetitions and adjustment problems.

The IPD’ commitment to digitisation is represented by the ModelPro software, whose main function is the creation of 3D models, but which also includes exclusive tools such as Stump Die 3D or Scan Abutment Replace.
It is the only software on the market capable of running on both MAC OS and Windows environments and is completely free of charge, with no initial cost, no maintenance fees and with automatic lifetime updates.

What is ModelPro?

It is a software whose main function is to create 3D models, but it is not the only utility it will have. Below, we specify the functions that will be offered in this first version.

  • 3D model
  • Automatic curves import from CAD
  • Mesh editing
  • Scan Abutment alignment
  • Detachable dies
  • Stump Die 3D
  • 3D Articulator
  • 3D Analogue
  • False Gingiva
  • Scan Abutment Replace

Why ModelPro?

  • It is a free software, without cost nor maintenance fees.
  • Cloud-based, you can access it from anywhere / pc.
  • It is the only software on the market that runs on Mac OS®.
  • It is only the initial version and will serve as a basis for all the development that is being planned and developed, on which all the innovative digital growth that IPD is associated with will be based.
  • It has features and options that none others have, such as Stump Die 3D or Scan Abutment Replace.
  • It does not take up space, as it is uploaded to a “”cloud”” where the user logs in with their credentials.
  • It will automatically be updated, without the need for any extra request or action, and without additional cost.